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Three Advertising Methods You’re Missing out on


As 2015 gains speed, more and more business owners are ready to optimize their advertising campaign in order to wield the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible. Yet in many cases, these business owners are not modifying their marketing strategies to incorporate techniques they haven’t used before. In many cases, there are a plethora of effective, expedient advertising strategies available that business owners need to tap in to in order to attain the skyrocketing conversion rates and steadily expanding customer base that they desire. Here are three advertising methods that your company may be missing out on:

1. Viral-Worthy Tweets.

It’s no secret that social media marketing is an incredibly cost-effective and time-efficient way to build a brand in the online world. Yet what many business owners don’t know is which specific strategies to implement in order to make their social media marketing campaign wildly successful. If this is your dilemma, you should know that the solution is oftentimes the creation of viral-worthy tweets. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “viral,” note that it references the process of a piece of web media getting published, becoming popular, and subsequently being shared all over the internet at “lightning speed” such that millions and millions of people are exposed to it in a matter of hours (and in some cases, minutes). As you may have gathered, having one of your web advertisements go viral is an incredibly effective way to gain exposure and credibility for your brand. To make it happen, it’s advantageous to create a viral-worthy tweet. Developing a viral-worthy tweet results from your knowledge of your target audience, so it’s critically important that you familiarize yourself with their language and values. Once this foundational step is complete, you can move forward by creating a tweet that will appeal to them (preferably with a link to one of your stellar product pages).

2. Aerial Advertising.

Aerial advertising is another wonderful advertising method you may not have thought of up until this moment. Luckily, aerial advertising need no longer be a mystery! In short, this advertising method involves using a fleet of planes to fly a company’s message over large crowds. Aerial advertising is an incredibly effective way to build or expand upon a marketing campaign, and this type of broad exposure can improve your bottom line by sparking interest in your brand. When you utilize this marketing strategy, you create the impression of professionalism and success amongst your target audience, and doing so is an important key to sending your conversion rates through the roof.

3. The Engagement Principle.

In the era of traditional marketing, it was not uncommon to see a variety of businesses adopt an attitude towards the public that might be considered, well, “stuffy.” In this contemporary world, however, the stand-offish approach is no longer effective. Rather than simply flashing messages about the great value of goods and services, businesses who want to be competitive on the global stage need to develop meaningful relationships with their customers. Doing so is the key to transforming initial visitors into lifelong customers who will eventually evolve into your most enthusiastic brand ambassadors. So, how do you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your target market? By engaging them. In short, engagement is the process of somehow getting your audience interested in your brand such that you (the brand owner) and they (the customers) are in continual communication. There are numerous ways that you can put the engagement principle in play, including by hosting free contests that offer free promotional prizes. You can also include Share Buttons on your website or blog so that visitors who like your products and services can share information about them with everyone in their social networks.


If you’re serious about taking your business to unprecedented levels of success, it’s important to note that advertising is the key to realizing your goal. By utilizing the three advertising strategies outlined above, you can increase your conversion rates while building a base of lifelong customers who will be enthusiastic about your brand. Good luck!