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Four Advertising Changes You Need to Make Right Now


With the world of marketing moving at lightning speed, you have to keep up with companies across the globe, not just your neighborhood competition. Here are four advertising changes that you need to make right now in order to compete in a global, mobile economy.

1. Expand your advertising into mobile strategies

We are almost to the point at which people actually prefer to do business on their mobile phones with PayPal or Apple Pay rather than do business face-to-face with cash. In order to access the customer of the future, you will need to create a viable mobile advertising campaign that targets your most likely customers in a consistent way. With huge changes coming to the Google search engine algorithm, advertising in the mobile platform will also help your search engine results as well.

2. Learn to soft sell

Inbound marketing is much more effective than traditional advertising on new mediums such as mobile phones and tablets. Even people who prefer to receive their advertising from traditional platforms are responding less to the hard sell. In order to create the kind of longevity that you need in an advertising campaign, you must learn to couch your message in humor and in information that your customer will find immediately relevant. People are no longer purchasing products – they are purchasing items from companies that they trust.

3. Increase your ROI with digital advertising

Traditional advertising mediums continue to hold their pricing even as they lose ground to digital advertising channels. If you can create a viable advertising strategy in the digital world, your maintenance costs will be much less prevalent than on traditional platforms such as TV or radio. For instance, a video that is produced for your YouTube channel and syndicated on blogs will remain online indefinitely. It will also gain traction as it ages within the major search engines instead of losing relevance as it gets older.

4. Leverage new media spokespeople

There is an entirely new crop of spokespeople who have access to an audience that you may otherwise be unable to touch. They are less expensive and more relevant to demographics such as Millennials and international customers. These social leaders are being made on social media, not by Hollywood. There are the people with huge followings on websites like Vine, YouTube and Instagram. Delving into the demographics of each of those websites will give you a great indication of what hiring one of the social leaders will give to you in terms of targeted reach. For instance, YouTube is great for people who are over age 25, unmarried and socially forward thinking. If you are looking for teenagers, however, Instagram is the platform for your company.

Keep your ear to the street in order to retain the relevance of your advertising campaigns. There will be huge changes in the future as the world of digital commerce continues to solidify its rule set – stay on top of these changes and keep the above tips in mind in order to succeed with your advertising campaigns.