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Best Events for Personal Banner Ads


Aerial banners are the perfect way to give any special occasion a memorable touch. What’s better is that there isn’t any limit on the types of special occasions you can accentuate with aerial messages. Whether you’re looking to pop the special question, congratulate a loved on their job promotion, or express your pride in a family member or friend who just graduated college, aerial banners are the ultimate way to impress!


Take your wedding to the next level by impressing your new spouse and guests with a flying banner. A personal message that’s streaming across the sky is the perfect way to complete any wedding. Whether you’re a guest wishing to congratulate the newly wed couple or you’re a spouse looking to express your love and adoration in a unique way, aerial banners are your way to go.


If you’re planning on celebrating another year of love and happiness with your significant other, you can use an aerial banner to commemorate the occasion. Your loved one will smile from ear to ear at the heart-warming message, and you’ll also likely excite and impress others nearby. Expressing your love and adoration four your significant other is easy with aerial banners.

Birthday Parties

With a personal aerial banner, that approaching birthday celebration can be the event of the year. Turn any festive outdoor birthday celebration into a breathtakingly wonderful occasion by wishing your loved a happy birthday with a message in the sky.


If a family member or a loved one recently graduated college, why not show your respect with a personal banner ad? The graduate and guests will be blown away by the thought placed into the gesture, and you can relax knowing that it was affordable and 100% worth it.


Imagine having the time of your life with your significant other when you’re suddenly prompted to look towards the sky. As you gaze upwards, you see a beautiful sight: a marriage proposal seemingly floating in the sky. How could you say no? If you’re looking to pop the question in a memorable way, aerial banners can help you go that extra mile. You have the option of choosing the time and place for your proposal, and all you’ll need to do is point your loved one towards the sky. Aerial banners make proposals difficult to forget.

Going Away Parties

Clients of Skyvertising have also used aerial banners to wish good luck for those moving away. This epic party favor is the perfect way to give that special friend or relative a boost of confidence as they advance into their new life journey. Besides, what is more motivating than seeing a message in the sky that wishes you well in all of your endeavors?

Using an aerial banner for your next special occasion is relatively inexpensive, and it will leave a lasting impression on your guests for a long time to come. Be sure to contact Skyvertising for more information about make your event one to remember.

What NOT to put on an Aerial Advertisement Banner


Aerial advertisement banners are like no other form of advertising. During warmer seasons, when people are outdoors in droves, aerial advertising is an extremely effective way to boost marketing results for your ongoing campaigns. With aerial advertisement, the sky is the limit as long as you choose the right message, the right location, and the right imagery. There are plenty of great messages and images that you can use to capture the attention of an audience, but there are also things that should never be on a banner that is writ across the sky. Here are some useful tips on what not to put on your next flying banner.

Don’t Write Sentences If You Are Taking Your Advertising to New¬†Heights

Sky-high advertising is all about being short, sweet and to the point. A plane will be towing your marketing message, and longer messages will affect recall. If you want your message to be a message that is remembered, keep it short and to the point. If you are a wordy individual, you may need to consult with someone who can limit the text and still convey the message. Remember that the onlookers that you are marketing to may be driving, playing sports or socializing. They will have a very limited time and a limited amount of patience to spend reading your message.

Don’t Use Low Contrast Colors

You must picture how the background and the color of the text will look for several thousand feet below. On a billboard, low contrast colors could still be effective, but in the sky, when you have a moving aerial type of billboard, high contrast designs are the only designs to consider. By combining colors that are very different, like a black lettering over a yellow background, you will ensure the message can be read as it is moving across an air space.

Don’t Use Photographs

You may hire a great photographer to take your own custom pictures for your mail pieces or your website, but photos are not as effective when you are marketing in the sky. Photos typically do not have the sharp edges and contrast that is needed for someone to decipher what it is while it is in the sky. It is much better to use a bold graphic image with flat colors if you decide that an image is needed in addition to the text.

Don’t Include All of Your Contact Information

You will need to choose one method of contact and keep the information short and sweet if you are branding your business or creating a call to action. If you were to have a message that says “Free Beach Merchandise”, simply put the street name or your phone number. You can’t expect the onlooker to jot down the full address, email, and phone number at once. Presenting too much information will muddle the message.

Avoid complicated designs or wordy messages when you are resorting to aerial advertising. If you keep the message clear and images crisp, you will have an easy to ready banner that will generate a bigger response.


Tips for Creating the Best Banner for Aerial Advertising


Aerial advertising is very different from other forms of marketing and advertising. The banner that is flown behind the plane needs to convey important information fast. It also needs to be memorable. Several tips will help you to create the best banner for aerial advertising.

Create High Contrast Designs

The first tip is to create high contrast designs. High contrast means using combinations of colors that are very different. An example is black lettering over a neon green background. High contrast is important because it will make the banner easy to read as it is moving across the sky. A high contrast design must also use sharp edges on lettering and graphics since edges that fade or have gradients will look fuzzy to the people below.

Limit Text

The key to the best banner is to limit the amount of text in the design. Some people might have only a very short amount of time to read the banner as it passes overhead. Additionally, text that is too small might not be discernible from the ground. You want the text to be large, bold and clear. Avoid unusual fonts with extensive serifs or odd patterns inside the letters. Keep your message to a maximum of three lines. Vary the height of each line to convey important information fast. Resist the temptation to fill the banner with promotional details or lists of products and services.

Think About Bold Graphics Instead Of Photographs

Photographs can be very effective in traditional advertising. They are not always a good idea for a banner that will be used in aerial advertising. Photographs can look muddled and faded when viewed from a distance while moving. People on the ground might not be able to clearly distinguish what the photograph is showing. Consider using bold graphics instead. Graphics will be much more effective than a photograph. If a photo is going to be used, then it needs to be edited and adjusted so that it has high contrast and large areas of mostly flat color.

Keep Contact Information Short and Memorable

You want anyone seeing the banner to remember how to take advantage of the offer, product or service advertised. Keep the contact information on the banner short and memorable. Avoid trying to write complete addresses on the banner. Just list the important street address or cross streets. Try to use phone numbers that spell out words so they can be easily remembered. Use a service to shorten long website addresses so that onlookers do not have to remember a lengthy string of numbers, slashes and letters.

Create Clearly Defined Areas

There are advertisements and marketing materials that blend or overlap different elements together on a page without boundaries. This technique is not effective with aerial advertising banners. You want to create clearly defined areas on the banner. Do not overlap text and images. Try not to use a complicated background that obfuscates the message and text. Keep all the elements on the banner separate. Provide an appropriate gutter around each of the elements so that they remain clear and crisp. This will make your banner easy to see and read.