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What NOT to put on an Aerial Advertisement Banner


Aerial advertisement banners are like no other form of advertising. During warmer seasons, when people are outdoors in droves, aerial advertising is an extremely effective way to boost marketing results for your ongoing campaigns. With aerial advertisement, the sky is the limit as long as you choose the right message, the right location, and the right imagery. There are plenty of great messages and images that you can use to capture the attention of an audience, but there are also things that should never be on a banner that is writ across the sky. Here are some useful tips on what not to put on your next flying banner.

Don’t Write Sentences If You Are Taking Your Advertising to New¬†Heights

Sky-high advertising is all about being short, sweet and to the point. A plane will be towing your marketing message, and longer messages will affect recall. If you want your message to be a message that is remembered, keep it short and to the point. If you are a wordy individual, you may need to consult with someone who can limit the text and still convey the message. Remember that the onlookers that you are marketing to may be driving, playing sports or socializing. They will have a very limited time and a limited amount of patience to spend reading your message.

Don’t Use Low Contrast Colors

You must picture how the background and the color of the text will look for several thousand feet below. On a billboard, low contrast colors could still be effective, but in the sky, when you have a moving aerial type of billboard, high contrast designs are the only designs to consider. By combining colors that are very different, like a black lettering over a yellow background, you will ensure the message can be read as it is moving across an air space.

Don’t Use Photographs

You may hire a great photographer to take your own custom pictures for your mail pieces or your website, but photos are not as effective when you are marketing in the sky. Photos typically do not have the sharp edges and contrast that is needed for someone to decipher what it is while it is in the sky. It is much better to use a bold graphic image with flat colors if you decide that an image is needed in addition to the text.

Don’t Include All of Your Contact Information

You will need to choose one method of contact and keep the information short and sweet if you are branding your business or creating a call to action. If you were to have a message that says “Free Beach Merchandise”, simply put the street name or your phone number. You can’t expect the onlooker to jot down the full address, email, and phone number at once. Presenting too much information will muddle the message.

Avoid complicated designs or wordy messages when you are resorting to aerial advertising. If you keep the message clear and images crisp, you will have an easy to ready banner that will generate a bigger response.