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What should be on your 2015 Advertising Checklist?


While the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, the marketing landscape is evolving as rapidly as technology. Effective advertising in 2015 will require an understanding of the current trends along with the ability to anticipate the next major ones. Marketers will have to adjust to a landscape with highly fragmented marketing channels by creating custom content for those channels. The continual evolution of advertising also means that marketers will also have to reassess their audiences in order to learn which methods are effective.

Here is what you should plan to include in your advertising strategy for 2015:

• Video
Video advertising has just as much power as ever, and brands no longer have to pay for commercial time. The power of YouTube offers phenomenal reach and an opportunity to develop personal relationships with customers that has never existed before. 2015 is the year that marketers can show that they care about the quality of their products and services and be available for those in the audience who have questions.

• Increased Transparency
Expect transparency across all marketing channels to become a trend and one in which you should invest. As consumers become more powerful and continue to demand more information, it should be expected that brands will take advantage of this demand. The most successful brands in 2015 will be those that provide the most clear and accurate picture of what they are providing to the consumer.

• Consider Paid Amplification
Content marketing has been a popular trend for some time now and with varying levels of effectiveness. Some brands put out good content, while others are busy publishing spam. Factor into this the changes in the marketplace such as improved technology for blocking ads and you are faced with the need to amplify your content to guarantee that consumers take notice. That is where paid amplification comes in. Marketers can pay to have their content boosted to a more prominent position. Paid amplification thus helps content to get more attention.

• Become a Publisher
In 2015, expect to see more brands getting into the publishing game. While there are many already doing this, more will start to provide content that engages their audiences. Evidence of this trend is already visible in the travel industry where some brands have begun to publish their own full-length magazines.

• Better Targeting
Consumers have come to expect ads to be targeted with the ads being specifically relevant to them. Marketers who fail to tailor their ads and other content will see their brands falter with diminishing click-throughs and increases in subscribers unsubscribing. It will be necessary for them to rethink their audience personas and come up with more accurate profiles. It should be noted that this step will take a significant amount of planning in the early stages and is not for those who want things to be as easy as possible.

• Consider Aerial Advertising
Aerial advertising is not only less expensive than many other forms of marketing, it is also effective. As consumers become more savvy about blocking Internet ads and more jaded when faced with leaflets, aerial advertising stands out as a way to get a brand noticed. Furthermore, it is not intrusive unlike other forms of advertising. It is simply a banner that is being flown overhead. It has been shown that people are more likely to remember banners flown overhead and retain much of the messages from those banners.

The worlds of Marketing public relations and advertising will continue to converge in 2015. The creation of content along with search optimization and social media will be treated less as separate areas and more as universal skills that that everyone in the organization is expected to have. Marketing is everyone’s job and brands will use resources throughout their organization to maximize the effectiveness of their content creation and social engagement efforts.


Aerial Advertising for Small Businesses


Everyone can essentially agree that there’s something pretty great about flying banners. They’re memorable, portable, and most importantly, cost effective. From a small business standpoint, it’s the perfect advertising strategy for many different types of events.

Broadcast Your Message to Large Groups of People

Aerial advertising made its way onto the scene in the 1930s, and to this date, it remains a booming industry. Creating an aerial advertising strategy is quiet simple: create a small, effective banner message that you want lots of people to see, and sit back while your brand gains massive exposure. Aerial advertising planes also make noticeable humming noises to help draw people’s attention up towards your banner.

Create a More Effective Advertising Strategy

Although advertising with a flying banner message is limited to a particular geographic scope, the reception is much stronger than that of print, television, and radio advertisements. People have naturally become accustomed to tuning out radio and television ads. However, it’s not every day that they see a cool, cruising banner ad overhead. When people are outside relaxing or even driving to work, they’ll crane their necks to get a good look at your message in the sky.

Aerial advertising is still one of the most creative ways to send a message to potential customers, and businesses that utilize it with their marketing strategies tend to get noticed almost instantaneously. Even better, aerial advertising have been known to yield response rates of up to 20%.

Aerial advertising is most effectively used at outdoor events where there are large numbers of people in attendance. Concerts, festivals, and parties are common events with which aerial advertising is used.

Many businesses also use aerial advertising over populated beaches. Beach goers are typically having fun and relaxing when they hear the sound of the plane. While the plane flies by with message in tow, most people are pointing and looking to the skies to read your message.

Additionally, businesses have been known to use aerial advertising during traffic jams and rush hours to maximize exposure. Drivers tend to be tired and irritated, and they tend to take interest in this type of distraction while they wait.

Aerial Advertising Bring Big Impact

Overall, clients utilize our aerial advertising services for many different types of reasons. These include business advertising, political advertising, advertising for charities, and personal messaging. The best part is that aerial advertising often fits snugly into any type of budget. While it’s relatively inexpensive, it still serves as an extremely effective and direct form of marketing.

Take Your Banners to the Next Level

It’s easy to print your logo and business message on a vinyl banner that sits on your shopfront. However, a flying banner gets your audience talking and wanting to know more about your message.

Contact us today to find out how we can help turn your message into an advertisement that turns heads and creates conversions. Our aerial advertising service has delivered strong results for all of our clients. We’re sure we can deliver the same results with your business!

Best Events for Personal Banner Ads


Aerial banners are the perfect way to give any special occasion a memorable touch. What’s better is that there isn’t any limit on the types of special occasions you can accentuate with aerial messages. Whether you’re looking to pop the special question, congratulate a loved on their job promotion, or express your pride in a family member or friend who just graduated college, aerial banners are the ultimate way to impress!


Take your wedding to the next level by impressing your new spouse and guests with a flying banner. A personal message that’s streaming across the sky is the perfect way to complete any wedding. Whether you’re a guest wishing to congratulate the newly wed couple or you’re a spouse looking to express your love and adoration in a unique way, aerial banners are your way to go.


If you’re planning on celebrating another year of love and happiness with your significant other, you can use an aerial banner to commemorate the occasion. Your loved one will smile from ear to ear at the heart-warming message, and you’ll also likely excite and impress others nearby. Expressing your love and adoration four your significant other is easy with aerial banners.

Birthday Parties

With a personal aerial banner, that approaching birthday celebration can be the event of the year. Turn any festive outdoor birthday celebration into a breathtakingly wonderful occasion by wishing your loved a happy birthday with a message in the sky.


If a family member or a loved one recently graduated college, why not show your respect with a personal banner ad? The graduate and guests will be blown away by the thought placed into the gesture, and you can relax knowing that it was affordable and 100% worth it.


Imagine having the time of your life with your significant other when you’re suddenly prompted to look towards the sky. As you gaze upwards, you see a beautiful sight: a marriage proposal seemingly floating in the sky. How could you say no? If you’re looking to pop the question in a memorable way, aerial banners can help you go that extra mile. You have the option of choosing the time and place for your proposal, and all you’ll need to do is point your loved one towards the sky. Aerial banners make proposals difficult to forget.

Going Away Parties

Clients of Skyvertising have also used aerial banners to wish good luck for those moving away. This epic party favor is the perfect way to give that special friend or relative a boost of confidence as they advance into their new life journey. Besides, what is more motivating than seeing a message in the sky that wishes you well in all of your endeavors?

Using an aerial banner for your next special occasion is relatively inexpensive, and it will leave a lasting impression on your guests for a long time to come. Be sure to contact Skyvertising for more information about make your event one to remember.

What NOT to put on an Aerial Advertisement Banner


Aerial advertisement banners are like no other form of advertising. During warmer seasons, when people are outdoors in droves, aerial advertising is an extremely effective way to boost marketing results for your ongoing campaigns. With aerial advertisement, the sky is the limit as long as you choose the right message, the right location, and the right imagery. There are plenty of great messages and images that you can use to capture the attention of an audience, but there are also things that should never be on a banner that is writ across the sky. Here are some useful tips on what not to put on your next flying banner.

Don’t Write Sentences If You Are Taking Your Advertising to New Heights

Sky-high advertising is all about being short, sweet and to the point. A plane will be towing your marketing message, and longer messages will affect recall. If you want your message to be a message that is remembered, keep it short and to the point. If you are a wordy individual, you may need to consult with someone who can limit the text and still convey the message. Remember that the onlookers that you are marketing to may be driving, playing sports or socializing. They will have a very limited time and a limited amount of patience to spend reading your message.

Don’t Use Low Contrast Colors

You must picture how the background and the color of the text will look for several thousand feet below. On a billboard, low contrast colors could still be effective, but in the sky, when you have a moving aerial type of billboard, high contrast designs are the only designs to consider. By combining colors that are very different, like a black lettering over a yellow background, you will ensure the message can be read as it is moving across an air space.

Don’t Use Photographs

You may hire a great photographer to take your own custom pictures for your mail pieces or your website, but photos are not as effective when you are marketing in the sky. Photos typically do not have the sharp edges and contrast that is needed for someone to decipher what it is while it is in the sky. It is much better to use a bold graphic image with flat colors if you decide that an image is needed in addition to the text.

Don’t Include All of Your Contact Information

You will need to choose one method of contact and keep the information short and sweet if you are branding your business or creating a call to action. If you were to have a message that says “Free Beach Merchandise”, simply put the street name or your phone number. You can’t expect the onlooker to jot down the full address, email, and phone number at once. Presenting too much information will muddle the message.

Avoid complicated designs or wordy messages when you are resorting to aerial advertising. If you keep the message clear and images crisp, you will have an easy to ready banner that will generate a bigger response.


Three Advertising Methods You’re Missing out on


As 2015 gains speed, more and more business owners are ready to optimize their advertising campaign in order to wield the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible. Yet in many cases, these business owners are not modifying their marketing strategies to incorporate techniques they haven’t used before. In many cases, there are a plethora of effective, expedient advertising strategies available that business owners need to tap in to in order to attain the skyrocketing conversion rates and steadily expanding customer base that they desire. Here are three advertising methods that your company may be missing out on:

1. Viral-Worthy Tweets.

It’s no secret that social media marketing is an incredibly cost-effective and time-efficient way to build a brand in the online world. Yet what many business owners don’t know is which specific strategies to implement in order to make their social media marketing campaign wildly successful. If this is your dilemma, you should know that the solution is oftentimes the creation of viral-worthy tweets. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “viral,” note that it references the process of a piece of web media getting published, becoming popular, and subsequently being shared all over the internet at “lightning speed” such that millions and millions of people are exposed to it in a matter of hours (and in some cases, minutes). As you may have gathered, having one of your web advertisements go viral is an incredibly effective way to gain exposure and credibility for your brand. To make it happen, it’s advantageous to create a viral-worthy tweet. Developing a viral-worthy tweet results from your knowledge of your target audience, so it’s critically important that you familiarize yourself with their language and values. Once this foundational step is complete, you can move forward by creating a tweet that will appeal to them (preferably with a link to one of your stellar product pages).

2. Aerial Advertising.

Aerial advertising is another wonderful advertising method you may not have thought of up until this moment. Luckily, aerial advertising need no longer be a mystery! In short, this advertising method involves using a fleet of planes to fly a company’s message over large crowds. Aerial advertising is an incredibly effective way to build or expand upon a marketing campaign, and this type of broad exposure can improve your bottom line by sparking interest in your brand. When you utilize this marketing strategy, you create the impression of professionalism and success amongst your target audience, and doing so is an important key to sending your conversion rates through the roof.

3. The Engagement Principle.

In the era of traditional marketing, it was not uncommon to see a variety of businesses adopt an attitude towards the public that might be considered, well, “stuffy.” In this contemporary world, however, the stand-offish approach is no longer effective. Rather than simply flashing messages about the great value of goods and services, businesses who want to be competitive on the global stage need to develop meaningful relationships with their customers. Doing so is the key to transforming initial visitors into lifelong customers who will eventually evolve into your most enthusiastic brand ambassadors. So, how do you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your target market? By engaging them. In short, engagement is the process of somehow getting your audience interested in your brand such that you (the brand owner) and they (the customers) are in continual communication. There are numerous ways that you can put the engagement principle in play, including by hosting free contests that offer free promotional prizes. You can also include Share Buttons on your website or blog so that visitors who like your products and services can share information about them with everyone in their social networks.


If you’re serious about taking your business to unprecedented levels of success, it’s important to note that advertising is the key to realizing your goal. By utilizing the three advertising strategies outlined above, you can increase your conversion rates while building a base of lifelong customers who will be enthusiastic about your brand. Good luck!


Best Events For Aerial Advertisements

aerial advertising events

When you want to use aerial advertisements, there are certain things that you should focus on. Some events are not going to go over well if they are advertised in the air, but there are other things that people will immediately come to when they see an advertisement in the air.

Air Shows

Your local air show should be advertised with a banner flowing on the back of a plane. The air show is an exciting time for all, and it is very exciting to see the advertisement floating behind the plane. People will remember the advertisement, and they will want to see what else you can do with airplanes.

Car Sales

Car dealerships that use aerial advertisements are going to reap great rewards through these simple ads. People equate cars and planes with power, and people will remember the dealership that used the aerial ad. This makes your business the one that always uses aerial ads, and people will be waiting for the next aerial ad that you put in the sky.

City Events

When you are using aerial advertisements, they can only be seen in a certain area. You can advertise your city events over the town square, or you can advertise the county fair over the largest town in the county. This is something people can look forward to every year, and it will alert everyone in the area when they congregate to see the ads.

Mall and Shopping Center Events

A mall or shopping center can advertise its sales and large events with an aerial advertisement flying near its area. The people who live and work in the area will be able to see the ad easily, and they will know where to go for the event. These ads do not have to fly very far, but they will still bring in a great number of people to the event.

The Races

When a local racetrack has a race coming to their area, they should advertise with the aerial ad. These aerial ads are going to attract the people who love to watch racing, and they will also reach people who may not live very close to the track. When people are not close to the track, they could learn about the track with the aerial ad. Flying the ad far enough will bring in many more visitors than before.

When you are planning on using aerial ads for your events, you need to remember that the aerial ad is going to become a spectacle around which your event can be planned. You can gain more visitors and sales through the ads, but you must use the ads for the right purpose. When you are using the ads for simple events, you are not going to catch the eye of the public. You want to make sure that your ads are for large events that will attract people from all over the area.


How to Create a Marketing Strategy using Flying Banners

aerial advertising

The idea of using flying banners as part of your marketing strategy may have not occurred to you but, in reality, it is a very good way to enhance the effectiveness of your regional marketing. The key to any good aerial marketing strategy is to work with a professional organization and understand the various elements that go into creating a successful aerial campaign.

When you are persistent and tactical in your aerial advertising, then you will be able to reach an audience that you cannot reach any other way. People read aerial messages and it is your job to make the most of that high level of interest.

Choose The Right Places

It is easy to say that a lot of people will see your message if it is flown over a crowded sports event. But what if your target audience is not sports fans? What if flying your message over a crowded outdoor concert would make more sense?

One of the keys to effective aerial advertising is to make sure that your message is seen by the right people. Keep in mind that anyone within eyesight of an aerial message is going to look at it, but you can enhance your message’s effectiveness by choosing places where your target audience will be.

Choose The Right Time

Let’s say that your audience is sports related and you do decide to fly your messages over various sporting events. When you fly your messages is just as effective as where you fly them.

Sending out your aerial messages in the hours leading up to sporting events will insure that people see the message and read it. If you fly your message over a stadium in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and the home team one run down, then your message will get ignored.

Keep Your Wording Short and Simple

Sit down with an aerial marketing expert and start with the information you would ideally like to present in your aerial marketing campaign. You can create several effective, but short, messages from your initial information and reach your target audience with no problem.

Be Persistent

One of the key differences between aerial marketing and other forms of marketing is that aerial marketing does not offer a reminder for your audience to take with them. There is no lasting magazine ad or a website to immediately bookmark. That means that you need to be persistent with your aerial marketing if you want it to be successful.

You should develop ways of tracking your aerial marketing and gauge its effectiveness over time. You will find that certain events are more effective than others and certain messages bring out better responses. Use that data to create an effective campaign.

If you are not using aerial marketing as part of your full marketing campaign then you are not getting the exposure you need. Work with an aerial marketing professional and you will find that plenty of your potential customers love to look to the sky for their marketing information.


Tips for Creating the Best Banner for Aerial Advertising


Aerial advertising is very different from other forms of marketing and advertising. The banner that is flown behind the plane needs to convey important information fast. It also needs to be memorable. Several tips will help you to create the best banner for aerial advertising.

Create High Contrast Designs

The first tip is to create high contrast designs. High contrast means using combinations of colors that are very different. An example is black lettering over a neon green background. High contrast is important because it will make the banner easy to read as it is moving across the sky. A high contrast design must also use sharp edges on lettering and graphics since edges that fade or have gradients will look fuzzy to the people below.

Limit Text

The key to the best banner is to limit the amount of text in the design. Some people might have only a very short amount of time to read the banner as it passes overhead. Additionally, text that is too small might not be discernible from the ground. You want the text to be large, bold and clear. Avoid unusual fonts with extensive serifs or odd patterns inside the letters. Keep your message to a maximum of three lines. Vary the height of each line to convey important information fast. Resist the temptation to fill the banner with promotional details or lists of products and services.

Think About Bold Graphics Instead Of Photographs

Photographs can be very effective in traditional advertising. They are not always a good idea for a banner that will be used in aerial advertising. Photographs can look muddled and faded when viewed from a distance while moving. People on the ground might not be able to clearly distinguish what the photograph is showing. Consider using bold graphics instead. Graphics will be much more effective than a photograph. If a photo is going to be used, then it needs to be edited and adjusted so that it has high contrast and large areas of mostly flat color.

Keep Contact Information Short and Memorable

You want anyone seeing the banner to remember how to take advantage of the offer, product or service advertised. Keep the contact information on the banner short and memorable. Avoid trying to write complete addresses on the banner. Just list the important street address or cross streets. Try to use phone numbers that spell out words so they can be easily remembered. Use a service to shorten long website addresses so that onlookers do not have to remember a lengthy string of numbers, slashes and letters.

Create Clearly Defined Areas

There are advertisements and marketing materials that blend or overlap different elements together on a page without boundaries. This technique is not effective with aerial advertising banners. You want to create clearly defined areas on the banner. Do not overlap text and images. Try not to use a complicated background that obfuscates the message and text. Keep all the elements on the banner separate. Provide an appropriate gutter around each of the elements so that they remain clear and crisp. This will make your banner easy to see and read.


Top 4 Benefits of Aerial Advertising

aerial advertising2

When planning an advertising budget this time round, try to factor in aerial advertising. This is where an airplane flies over the intended area or audience with a banner holding a message you wish to convey. So, why should you consider this? Here are several reasons why you need to.

You Save on Advertising Costs

Effective advertising isn’t cheap at all. You have to pump in thousands of dollars to attain the results you want. This is not the case with aerial advertising. Here, you can reach thousands of people in just a few minutes.

Here are scenarios you must have experienced in your past attempts at advertising:

  • Placing paid ads online that haven’t been clicked at all.
  • Passing out flyers on the sidewalk and finding them later in trashcans.
  • Placing ads in dailies that haven’t delivered any calls.

You must be wondering why this happened – it’s all about delivering the message. You don’t have to break the bank to deliver a message via aerial advertising. Additionally, these adverts don’t have any hidden costs, which mean you don’t pay anything extra during the whole procedure.

You Stand Out from the Competition

It is not always that you will see a plane flying overhead with a message for an audience. Chances are that you might be the only one within the vicinity or in the niche using this mode of advertising. This makes your approach to advertising unique, which is one aspect that most audiences like.

Audiences are used to seeing television commercials, newspaper ads and flyers, but they are not used to seeing an airplane flying overhead with a banner trailing it. This means that people will remember your advert for months to come due to its unique delivery.

Ideal for All Occasions

You can rely on aerial advertisement to pass the message across for many business or personal occasions. Some of the events include:

  • Weddings
  • Business promotions
  • Grand openings
  • Sales
  • Special events
  • Sports
  • Graduation
  • Marriage proposals
  • Campaigns
  • Relocations

The banner trailing the airplane can be customized to suit the mood and the message you intend to pass across.

Appropriate and Non-Intrusive

Some advertising methods intrude into people’s lives, which make it hard for them to pass the message across. For instance, some people don’t like flyers and will avoid taking them or throw them away upon receiving them. What of the noise from a public address system that is being used to pass a message across?

On the other hand, aerial advertising does not intrude into a person’s private space. The message is flown high up in the air, without affecting any aspect of daily life.

Final Thoughts

For a fraction of your annual advertising budget, you can get your message across to more people than ever before. You get to pass across a message that you would like the people to see. All these advantages point to a single fact – you get to use your advertising dollar better, and you stand to get a better return on the dollar.