Aerial Advertising for Small Businesses


Everyone can essentially agree that there’s something pretty great about flying banners. They’re memorable, portable, and most importantly, cost effective. From a small business standpoint, it’s the perfect advertising strategy for many different types of events.

Broadcast Your Message to Large Groups of People

Aerial advertising made its way onto the scene in the 1930s, and to this date, it remains a booming industry. Creating an aerial advertising strategy is quiet simple: create a small, effective banner message that you want lots of people to see, and sit back while your brand gains massive exposure. Aerial advertising planes also make noticeable humming noises to help draw people’s attention up towards your banner.

Create a More Effective Advertising Strategy

Although advertising with a flying banner message is limited to a particular geographic scope, the reception is much stronger than that of print, television, and radio advertisements. People have naturally become accustomed to tuning out radio and television ads. However, it’s not every day that they see a cool, cruising banner ad overhead. When people are outside relaxing or even driving to work, they’ll crane their necks to get a good look at your message in the sky.

Aerial advertising is still one of the most creative ways to send a message to potential customers, and businesses that utilize it with their marketing strategies tend to get noticed almost instantaneously. Even better, aerial advertising have been known to yield response rates of up to 20%.

Aerial advertising is most effectively used at outdoor events where there are large numbers of people in attendance. Concerts, festivals, and parties are common events with which aerial advertising is used.

Many businesses also use aerial advertising over populated beaches. Beach goers are typically having fun and relaxing when they hear the sound of the plane. While the plane flies by with message in tow, most people are pointing and looking to the skies to read your message.

Additionally, businesses have been known to use aerial advertising during traffic jams and rush hours to maximize exposure. Drivers tend to be tired and irritated, and they tend to take interest in this type of distraction while they wait.

Aerial Advertising Bring Big Impact

Overall, clients utilize our aerial advertising services for many different types of reasons. These include business advertising, political advertising, advertising for charities, and personal messaging. The best part is that aerial advertising often fits snugly into any type of budget. While it’s relatively inexpensive, it still serves as an extremely effective and direct form of marketing.

Take Your Banners to the Next Level

It’s easy to print your logo and business message on a vinyl banner that sits on your shopfront. However, a flying banner gets your audience talking and wanting to know more about your message.

Contact us today to find out how we can help turn your message into an advertisement that turns heads and creates conversions. Our aerial advertising service has delivered strong results for all of our clients. We’re sure we can deliver the same results with your business!