What should be on your 2015 Advertising Checklist?


While the fundamentals of marketing remain the same, the marketing landscape is evolving as rapidly as technology. Effective advertising in 2015 will require an understanding of the current trends along with the ability to anticipate the next major ones. Marketers will have to adjust to a landscape with highly fragmented marketing channels by creating custom content for those channels. The continual evolution of advertising also means that marketers will also have to reassess their audiences in order to learn which methods are effective.

Here is what you should plan to include in your advertising strategy for 2015:

• Video
Video advertising has just as much power as ever, and brands no longer have to pay for commercial time. The power of YouTube offers phenomenal reach and an opportunity to develop personal relationships with customers that has never existed before. 2015 is the year that marketers can show that they care about the quality of their products and services and be available for those in the audience who have questions.

• Increased Transparency
Expect transparency across all marketing channels to become a trend and one in which you should invest. As consumers become more powerful and continue to demand more information, it should be expected that brands will take advantage of this demand. The most successful brands in 2015 will be those that provide the most clear and accurate picture of what they are providing to the consumer.

• Consider Paid Amplification
Content marketing has been a popular trend for some time now and with varying levels of effectiveness. Some brands put out good content, while others are busy publishing spam. Factor into this the changes in the marketplace such as improved technology for blocking ads and you are faced with the need to amplify your content to guarantee that consumers take notice. That is where paid amplification comes in. Marketers can pay to have their content boosted to a more prominent position. Paid amplification thus helps content to get more attention.

• Become a Publisher
In 2015, expect to see more brands getting into the publishing game. While there are many already doing this, more will start to provide content that engages their audiences. Evidence of this trend is already visible in the travel industry where some brands have begun to publish their own full-length magazines.

• Better Targeting
Consumers have come to expect ads to be targeted with the ads being specifically relevant to them. Marketers who fail to tailor their ads and other content will see their brands falter with diminishing click-throughs and increases in subscribers unsubscribing. It will be necessary for them to rethink their audience personas and come up with more accurate profiles. It should be noted that this step will take a significant amount of planning in the early stages and is not for those who want things to be as easy as possible.

• Consider Aerial Advertising
Aerial advertising is not only less expensive than many other forms of marketing, it is also effective. As consumers become more savvy about blocking Internet ads and more jaded when faced with leaflets, aerial advertising stands out as a way to get a brand noticed. Furthermore, it is not intrusive unlike other forms of advertising. It is simply a banner that is being flown overhead. It has been shown that people are more likely to remember banners flown overhead and retain much of the messages from those banners.

The worlds of Marketing public relations and advertising will continue to converge in 2015. The creation of content along with search optimization and social media will be treated less as separate areas and more as universal skills that that everyone in the organization is expected to have. Marketing is everyone’s job and brands will use resources throughout their organization to maximize the effectiveness of their content creation and social engagement efforts.